Agent Ladder

After my long hiatus from active duty and, having retreated from the forntiers of Vale of the Silent back to Dresi, I needed a gentle re-introduction to the life of a capsuleer; I felt too rusty and lacking in confidence to jump back in with both feet. So, I decided to start at the bottom and work up as if I were a fresh, green agent runner. Seeking out a sleazy, low-level agent for some easy assignments seemed a low risk way to find my feet—and a low cost way to re-hone my combat reflexes, if they should prove so atrophied as to lead to ship losses.

Thus, with a freshly fitted Frigate-class Punisher docked in my hangar, I went in search of an agent from whom I could get my first assignment. Avenoz Sadna, of the Civic Court Accounting’s Legal division, obliged me. I am happy to report that, following several quick missions run at Sadna’s behest, my confidence was rapidly returning. Time to move up the food chain…

I hopped over to Hiroudeh (the better to avoid bumping into Avenoz Sadna now I’d decided to leave her behind) and made contact with Sharir Baibenoh, an Internal Security agent with Civic Court Tribunal working a tier above Sadna’s level. A day of looking after her interests had my Khanid blood pumping and my thirst for the fight fully restored. It was time to get serious—and move up the food chain once more!

I returned to the Civic Court Accounting facility near Dresi I, where an agent I had once had a good relationship with was stationed. Arina Raamalar was surprised to see me after so long (it had been perhaps two years since I had last worked for her), but was immediately able to find an assignmet for me. A good agent can always find you something, I guess.

Of course, a lowly Punisher wasn’t going to cut it for agent assignments at this level, so a new ship was definitely in order. I’d managed to track down my favourite market broker by this time, so I had him gather up what I would need: a Harbinger fitted with a solid tank and the best weaponry a sane amount of ISK could buy.

I’m enjoying my work for Arina, and she’s a wonderful agent to boot. But my ambition has been stirred and I find myself casting an eye towards the next rung on the agent ladder. I’ll need to build up my reputation a little more to get through those doors, though…


~ by Laurie on January 30, 2009.

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