Reaching For The Top

With my sights set on the higher-level agents, and the ISK and glory that their assignments promise to provide, I made use of some down-time to do a little research. I was looking to figure out how much work I’d need to do to move to the next rung on the ladder. Unfortunately, I found that the next rung was rather a long way away—in terms of jumps, that is.

I’d been working, thus far, for Civic Court. It turns out that none of their higher-level agents were located anywhere near Dresi, my chosen base of operations. I had two options: relocate, or switch allegiances. Further research revealed that the Emperor Family corporation had a local agent, Bahyaron Lahara, who would fit my needs, and I already had some favour with Emperor Family by affiliation with Civic Court. Combined with the fact that a close friend already had a newly-formed working relationship with Lahara, it seemed like a good option. That left the question of how to curry sufficient favour with Emperor Family to get Lahara’s attention?

After asking around a little, I determined that (through the kindness of my friend’s willingness to share her rewards with little in return) I could rapid-fire run missions for Emperor Family agents at a level I had access to and quickly gain sufficient standings with that corp to get onto Lahara’s roster. Plan set, it was time once again to shop for a ship…

I’ll post details on what I bought, and how it worked out, shortly.


~ by Laurie on January 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “Reaching For The Top”

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