Focused Study

Having learned the essential ins and outs of the Retribution Assualt Frigate, and begun putting the ship to work, I realised that this awesome little ship still had a lot more to offer. A lot has been going on recently (which I’ll write more about later) but, through it all, I’ve made the time to deepen my study of Amarr weapons technology. As a result, I have been able to upgrade to Medium Pulse Laser II guns with Confluence and Scorch crystals.

I’ve never enjoyed flying a ship so much since my first flights at the accademy. Able to take down anything from an Interceptor to a Battleship whilst barely taking damage from any but the fastest moving enemies and/or the fastest tracking turret weapons, the Retribution promises to serve my needs in a broad range of tactical situations. This ship and I will share a long and productive relationship together.

On a side note, I wrote before about my efforts to work my way up the agent running career ladder. I’m pleased to say that hard work (and some reading up on how to make best use of the connections I have), I am now qualified for Lahara’s roster. And yes, my Retribution is serving me well!


~ by Laurie on February 20, 2009.

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