Career Diversification

As I mentioned previously, a lot has been going on. 12 days ago, I accepted an entry-level position with Aurelius Federation [AUF]. The corporate headquarters in Mamet are conveniently close to my personal base in Dresi and the move opens up a range of opportunities. AUF, as a member of Apotheosis of Virtue [AoV], has good standings with Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] and thus is able to take advantage of the resources available in the Providence region.

AUF takes pride in defending the territory its allegiances provide access to. As a result I have, since joining their ranks, been actively participating in ‘roaming’ through Providence and adjoining territories, hunting enemies of our alliance and keeping our systems safe. I’m sad to say that I have yet to have the pleasure of destroying any intruders. However, inexperienced as I am in this type of action, I’m happy to receive my basic training in relative safety. And the more experienced capsuleers of AUF are extraordinarily generous with their time to help new members learn the tactics of survival in potentially hostile space.

Happily, my agent-running partner-in-crime, Suri, has also taken a position with AUF (in fact, it was she who first made contact with the corporation), so I have at least one familliar face in fleet. We try not to tax our Fleet- and Wing-Commanders too much with our thirst for new knowledge!

To our new friends at Aurelius Federation: fly safe! I look forward to continuing to fly by your sides.


~ by Laurie on February 23, 2009.

One Response to “Career Diversification”

  1. Well, not this blog is interesting. I didn’t know you were into RP, Richal! And by the way? Your fellow Wing Commanders are far from taxed. People like you and Surianna should both be most welcomed to ask any questions you may have.

    If you like a game and find it a pleasant way to wash away a day’s troubles like me, I’m sure mastery is ultimately the goal of such an ambition. If that’s the case, I’m available anytime. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy. Just understand that I’m not just saying you “should both be most welcomed to ask any questions you may have” just because I have to. It’s because I want to and I am very happy to have pilots like the two of you around.

    Keep up the blog. It lets me into the back of your mind. (Don’t let that frighten you. ^.^)

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